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WINNER 2015 Emmy® Award for Best Children's Programming

"This sweet song by Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band will have the kiddies wishing for all the delights winter weather brings." - People

"Country and island rhythms, a pop bounce, hand-clapping gospel, and confidence-boosting message fuel this catchy new album by Alex Mitnick" - Parents' Choice Foundation Spring 2016

“This feel-good, hand-clapping, toe tapping music is crafted with appealing multicultural rhythms and lyrics drawing inspiration from the natural world.” - Parent’s Choice Foundation

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"This is feel good music at it’s finest!"
- Momma’s Bacon


"A jingly-jangly album with hints of reggae, disco and ‘hip-shaking’ Zydeco."
- {Kid} Independent


"A colorful blend of musical styles and clever lyrics for the whole family. Musical depth combines with witty lyrics that talk directly to kids. It's an all-ages fun time!”
Kathy O’Connell, host of the Peabody Award Winning radio show WXPN-FM’s Kids Corner


“The music is lively, wide ranging and propulsive!”
- American Library Association


“Unapologetically positive and upbeat!”
- Parents’ Choice Foundation


“Wonderful music that is full of joy and happiness! Alex's smooth, deep voice and clear enunciation make it easy for kids to understand the meaning and sing along!”
- Sweeps4Bloggers


"A worldly flair is injected into all of these good time dance songs, but never at the expense of their american rock roots, with front man Alex Mitnick's hearty voice being the spoon that stirs this yummy gumbo."
- Out With The Kids


“My son and I both loved the fun rhythms and lyrics of I'm So Glad, it is such an upbeat album! I love the diversity of musical types that are showcased in this album, as well as the positive messages in the lyrics.”
- My Springfield Mommy


“A+ 4.5 out of 4 stars. The album is performed without the music or words sounding patronizing towards kids and it won’t make you want to pull your hair out when your kids ask to listen to it repeatedly. It’s just an all together good time album that kids will love and can help bring a family together to just have a silly fun time.”


“A very eclectic and fun collection of songs. This is a great album for kiddos who love beats!”
– The SIMPLE Moms


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