"Get On Board!" wins Parents' Choice Foundation Silver Honors

Country and island rhythms, a pop bounce, hand-clapping gospel, and confidence-boosting messages fuel this catchy new album by Alex Mitnick (music educator, children's music artist and host/co-creator of the New York television show, "Alex & the Kaleidoscope" winner of a 2014 local Emmy for Best Children's Programming). A veritable menagerie of animals comes traveling down the track in the rockin' title song. In "Insect Tourists"- a forest safari performed in a nicely calibrated musical key of suspense - gnats swarm, cicadas chirp, caterpillars creep, and bees "fly faster than the breeze." "Tell Me A Story" ("wrap your words all around me) and "Peach Tree" ("I love to go where the peach tree grows…. lie on my back for a daydream show") encourage listeners to let their imaginations soar. The stand-out highlight: The counting and play-along song, "Mama's in the Kitchen," a toe-tapping, infectious delight.

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Children's Music Review: Alex & The Kaleidoscope

The live show at the Ardmore Music Theatre was a real treat for children and parents alike. Alex and his band are colorful and enthusiastic, and they had an amazing way of talking to every age group appropriately throughout the show. This made the kids feel like they were the guests of honor at the performance, and it also made the parents feel like they were an integral part of the experience. The entire crowd danced the morning away, and it seemed that the kids and grown-ups all left with positive vibes, and, most importantly, a catchy tune (or two) in their heads.


"As soon as we heard the first song on the album, I knew it was going to fit our requirements. The songs highlight some of my kids'  favorite things--bugs, dinosaurs, being outside--and do it with catchy melodies, a strong beat, and lots of percussion."



How can you not “Get on Board” with songs like Marshmallow, Oh, Won’t You Sit Down, and Vegetable Garden Town from Alex and the Kaleidoscope?! There’s something for everybody in this collection. The friendly, sing-along style that Alex and his crew perform kept my daughter and me tapping our toes, bobbing our heads, and enjoying each other’s giggles. This talented group is aptly named as their songs cover a kaleidoscope of wonderful things that make the world go around!



Alex and The Kaleidoscope is ready for fun!

This band know how to get kids involved in the enjoyment of learning about the world around them. Whether your kids listen to their music on a CD, see a live show or watch an episode of their TV show online, they will have a great time.

Alex has a passion for music and teaching. He’s been the music director at a Montessori school for 15 years. Through that job he get lots of firsthand experience with kids ranging from toddlers to 8th graders. The band has won many national awards, including an Emmy last year. He has a gift for connecting to children in a personal way.

It is wonderful to be a kid and it’s exciting to discover new things. Alex & The Kaleidoscope celebrate both of these!